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Mar 19, 2019

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View the Marketing Tools Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Personal Advantage a software package?

No. It is a service provided by The Personal Marketing Company, over the Internet. You will use a web browser to access your Personal Advantage account.

Is there a minimum contract term?
No. The Personal Advantage service agreement is month-to-month – you can stop the service at any time.

When am I charged for printed materials?
The cost of any printed materials you use is charged to your account on the day they are prepared for delivery. Once per month, the balance on your account is charged to the credit card you have on file with us.

Is my information kept private?
Absolutely. All contacts and other information in your Personal Advantage account belongs exclusively to you. The Personal Marketing Company will not reveal, copy, publish, sell or make use of your information in any way, without your expressed consent. Look through our Terms and Conditions Of Use page for our assurance that your information will always be protected.

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