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Apr 24, 2019

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Build long-term relationships by staying in touch with past and current clients. Generate repeat business and referrals by continuing to bring clients something of value while reminding them that your real estate expertise is available to them or someone they know.
ProPower Client Follow-up Campaign
4-5 touchpoints annualy (direct mail only)

Gain repeat business and referrals with the ultimate in follow-up. Your customers will not only receive a set of mailing labels and oversize postcards but also 20-page magazines. Each mailing thanks them for their business and asks for referrals. Direct mail only.

View sample campaign materials (PDF)
Expressibles Client Follow-up Campaign
4 touchpoints per year over three years (E-mail only)

Let buyers and sellers know you appreciate their business with this e-mail postcard follow-up drip campaign. Every quarter your customers receive an e-mail thanking them for their business and asking for referrals. E-mail only.

View sample campaign materials (PDF)

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