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Mar 19, 2019

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View the Marketing Tools Catalog
View the Marketing Tools Catalog

Personal Advantage is the best way to market
your real estate business

Personal Advantage is an innovative service that will automatically manage your marketing plan. Personal Advantage can send just the right blend of email, direct mail and personal touchpoints in your marketing plan. Personal Advantage takes the work and hassle out of implementing a one-to-one marketing plan. It has over a dozen built-in marketing campaigns, each with automated delivery of email, direct mail and personal contact reminders - all tracked so you get measurable results.

Personal Advantage keeps your personal brand in front of your contacts, with the industry's highest quality, fully personalized marketing campaigns. Personal Advantage allows you to work on one relationship at a time - for a more focused, results-driven approach to your marketing. Keep in touch with your past clients and build relationships with new ones.

Painless and Simple.
Personal Advantage is marketing pain relief - right where you need it most. You don't need any knowledge of designing marketing campaigns. Just upload your list of contacts, enroll them in a campaign of your choice and you're all set! This simple-to-use, easy-to-manage system will make working your marketing plan an enjoyable experience. In about 10 minutes a day, you can quickly gain control of your marketing plan and put Personal Advantage to work for you. There is no software to own or install. It’s ready to go and works for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Create Targeted Lists and Enroll Contacts in Campaigns

Enroll Marketing Contacts


Send Campaigns With Content That's Highly Valuable to Your Lists

Valuable Marketing Content


Set Reminders That Tell You When and Who To Contact

Marketing Reminders


All-in-one Marketing Planner

Simple-to-use Contact Manager

Both Email and Direct Mail Are Available

Reminders & Updates Alert You To Increase Opportunities

No Software or Hardware Needed

Painless Marketing

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